Welcome To Hoevenaar Art and Design

Recognition and Exhibitions

2014 - Backspace Art Collective Members’ Exhibition (Peoria, IL)
2014 - The Peoria Art Guild's Urban Underground Exhibition (Peoria, IL)
2014 - Somerville Toy Camera Festival and Exhibition (Somerville, MA)
2014 - Harper College Works on Paper National Art Exhibit (Palatine, IL)
2014 - Studio 659 Collage Exhibit (Whiting, IN)
2014 - Morpho Gallery Emerging Artists Exhibit (Chicago, IL)
2014 - Union Street Gallery Minute Musings Exhibit (Chicago Heights, IL)
2014 - Galex 48 National Juried Competition and Exhibition (Galesburg, IL)
2014 - Impact Artists Gallery Dimensional Approaches National Exhibit (Buffalo, NY)
2013 - Ground Floor Gallery Open Juried Exhibition (Nashville, TN)
2013 - Backspace Art Collective Members’ Exhibition (Peoria, IL)
2013 - Backspace Art Collective Member
2013 - Text Art Exhibition at Studio 659 (Whiting, IN)
2013 - Members and Friends’ Exhibition: 3D Category Winner(Galesburg, IL)
2013 - Off the Grid Exhibition (Oak Park, IL)
2013 - Distorted juried Exhibition (Naperville, IL)
2013 - Third Place winner Omni Art House’s Version Mary Exhibition (Finksburg, MD)
2013 - Morpho Gallery Emerging Artists Exhibition (Chicago, IL)
2013 - Photo Op Juried Exhibition (St. Louis, MO)
2013 - 45th Clay Fiber Paper Glass National Juried Exhibition (Ames, IA)
2010 - Galex 45 National Juried Competition and Exhibition (Galesburg, IL)
2010 - What’s Next Bradley University Exhibition (Peoria, IL)
2010 - 64 Arts 2010 National Juried Exhibition (Monmouth, IL)
2010 - Members and Friends Juried Exhibition (Galesburg, IL)
2010 - Galex 44 National Juried Competition and Exhibition (Galesburg, IL)
2010 - Black Oak Media Arts Magazine Summer 2010 issue (Macomb, IL)
2010 - Outstanding Student in Graphic Design - Bradley University
2010 - Graphic Design 2010 Portfolio Exhibition (Chicago and Peoria, IL)
2010 - Broadside Arts Journal Spring 2010 issue - Bradley University
2010 - NEA 12“x12” Art Show (Peoria, IL)
2010 - Galex 44 Juried Competition (Galesburg, IL)
2010 - Black Oak Media Arts Magazine Spring 2010 issue (Macomb, IL)
2009 - AIGA Chicago Chapter Member (2008-2010)

Who is Ryan Hoevenaar?

Born and raised in the Midwest amongst cornfields and derelict farmhouses,
I discovered my love for art and design at an early age. This insatiable thirst to create has led me to experiment with a wide variety of mediums and methods. From finger painting to photography, I greatly enjoy what each facet of art and design has to offer. Currently as a freelance and fine artist residing in Illinois, I have worked with a wide variety of clients and have produced a variety of print and digital collateral. As of recent, I have found a newfound interest in web design and plan on exploring it's many possibilities. For more information concerning myself or my work, feel free to send me an email or download my resume.