Don't Panic Resistance Posters

We have stood idly by while our manufacturing complexes bring destruction and our cities shape the natural landscape. Through these posters, this seemingly unnoticeable shift in the change of landscape is brought to attention. The viewers are compelled to resist the call of industrialization and to protect Earth from it’s greatest enemy...ourselves.

PJ Smoothies Poster Ad Campaign

The hipster culture has now become pop culture and is incredibly marketable and appealing to the younger generation. PJ’s Smoothies, an all natural smoothie manufacturer based in the UK, wanted to appeal to a younger audience through poster advertisement. These posters confront the target audience with highlights of the hipster culture as well as incorporating PJ’s Smoothies as a part of this unique lifestyle.

Southeast Georgia Health System and Ruth Rojas

Various advertisement pieces from Southeast Georgia Health System and Ruth Rojas. They include publication advertisement, outdoor advertisement and direct mail.