International Beams I-Joist Manual

International Beams requested that a 48 page manual be created to allow their customers to order various I-joist beams. It also was to provide general information about both the company and the products they offered. The design of the manual required many graphs and diagrams to be laid out both clearly and aesthetically.

Emotional Map

Maps provide us with a large array of information but tend to lack in visual appeal. The Daily Trek is a map and timeline of my daily drive from home to school but with a twist. Instead of using street names, I have used landmarks and businesses that I pass on my way to Bradley University. I have also included the times that I arrive at each destination as well as the mile marker in which each lies.

Medical Instruction Booklet

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. We use images in the absence of words everyday whether its reading a stop sign or interpreting a person’s facial expression. The challenge here was to create a medical instruction booklet without the aid of words (except for titles). I further challenged myself by creating the booklet without the aid of a computer. I chose to do this in order to step into the shoes of past designers. The experience made me appreciate not only designers from the pre-computer age but also the computer as a major design tool.