Medium Format Photography

Medium format photography has proven to be a mainstay in my work. From twin-lenses to toy cameras, I have experimented with the various methods of these machines since forgotten in the digital age. What they lack in efficiency and stability, they more than make up for in long lost charm and a unique beauty that our fore-fathers found common.
Through holgagraphy, the toy camera has fascinated both the child and the father in it's simplicity and wild nature. The plastic camera has the ability to adorn the meticulous mantle of perfection and to tear it into shreds of defiant human nature. Photographs and paintings have now found common ground within the gallery and are both considered one in the same because of this mechanical animal.
This beautiful specimen -- this beast of creation has sadly found itself endangered and scoffed at within the iron bars of technological advancement. Its wings clipped in the name of convenience only to be viewed as a relic of a bygone era but there are those who disobey the "do not feed" sign posted upon the cage housing this once majestic creature.
And so technology speeds on, leaving a trail of obsoletion in its wake, but the spirit of photography will still ring loud within the plastic edifices and fish-eyed lenses of the machines that served as progenitors to one of humanity's greatest discoveries.