Mixed Media

To quote Marshall McLuhan, "The medium is the message." Art speaks to the viewer on multiple levels. Whether it is the subject depicted, the color palette, the texture, etc. The message of a great work of art does not rely solely upon itself. It is emphasized and conveyed by the medium used to depict it.
When Kurt Schwitterz created collages made of ticket stubs, receipts, and other found objects, he believed that he was weaving a tapestry of peoples‘ lives. By incorporating these objects into his work, he not only immortalized the people who used the objects but also the entire period of time in which they existed. The messages he conveyed through these "time capsules" can be interpreted endlessly due to the vast amount of objects present in his work.
Max Ernst, a Dadaist, surrealist, and intellectual, created collages using engravings from Victorian pulp novels. By manipulating these images of love, lust, and romance into subconscious visions of surrealism and horror, he was able to drastically alter their meaning.
I have always been fascinated with collage and its wide use of objects as a medium. In my work, I explore the realm of collage and assemblage by utilizing the styles of such great collage artists as Max Ernst, Kurt Schwitterz, and Hannah Hoch.
My work employs antiquarian objects and images to convey modern messages. By juxtaposing the medium and the meaning, the message is enforced; implying that the modern message stated is, in fact, not modern but rather pre-existing.